Alvie Johnson, MAI, BPA

Alvie Johnson, MAI, BPA


Alvie Johnson currently serves as the Senior Vice President, Business Development. He is actively spearheading the development of customized business strategies, directing the business development team, and identifying and pursuing opportunities aligned with federal contracting needs. His extensive experience, strategic foresight, and proven leadership are key in advancing the company’s business development efforts, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in federal contracting.

With more than twenty years of experience in federal business development, Mr. Johnson has established himself as a prominent figure in strategic and tactical planning for both large and small business opportunities. He is particularly skilled in applying the Shipley Methodology, a foundation for his successful career marked by significant achievements and robust industry relationships.

His military background as a Satellite Operations Officer with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and various other roles in the United States Army from 1978 to 1999 has endowed him with a unique perspective and foundational skills that significantly contribute to his business expertise. His career is characterized by strategic foresight, innovative methodologies, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, making Mr. Johnson a pivotal figure in the realm of federal business development.

Mr. Johnson holds a Master of Arts in International Relations & Strategic Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Production.