Bizzell-SNDBX Paves the Way for Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya with XcelHERate Challenge

January 22, 2024 (New Carrollton, Md) — A cohort of 20 women entrepreneurs in Kenya is poised to embark on an intensive entrepreneur boot camp as part of the inaugural Bizzell-SNDBX XcelHERate Entrepreneurship Challenge (XcelHERate). This initiative is designed to uplift and acknowledge the entrepreneurial prowess of women in Kenya, empowering them to cultivate viable business opportunities that positively impact their communities.

XcelHERate supports young women entrepreneurs aged 18-35 years with existing businesses that demonstrated resilience. The challenge sought businesses that disrupt the status quo by offering unique, scalable products or services with a positive social impact on the community. The challenge winner will gain access to the SNDBX workspace and its community of over 35 entrepreneurs from various fields, facilitating potential collaborations and partnerships to scale their businesses and explore new markets.

The XcelHERate identifies and supports emerging businesswomen, offering them training and coaching interventions to fortify their foundations. Top participants will also receive cash injections into their businesses to ensure sustainability and success. This challenge recognizes the perseverance and innovation of women who have transformed challenges into profitable ventures.

Anton C. Bizzell, MD, Chairman and CEO of Bizzell US, emphasized the importance of this program, stating, “Empowering women entrepreneurs is not just about breaking glass ceilings; it’s about creating a network that nurtures brilliance and fosters a legacy of innovation. In this business incubator, we will cultivate dreams, turning them into thriving enterprises, one empowered woman at a time.”

The second phase of the challenge centers on an entrepreneur boot camp—a comprehensive program delivering three months of intensive business coaching. This training equips participants with valuable skills to expand their businesses and comprehend the significance of various disciplines. The boot camp encompasses a blend of in-person training and virtual coaching sessions, providing a holistic learning experience.

Joram Mwinamo, CEO of SNDBX, affirms, “Through this boot camp, we aim to equip business owners with the skills and knowledge to take their businesses to new heights. We believe in values such as hard work, determination, resilience, and passion, and we want to instill these values in Kenyan entrepreneurs, particularly women in business.”

Conducted by experts from SNDBX, a professional services aggregator offering a diverse range of services to help businesses realize their full potential, the boot camp provides training and coaching in essential areas such as product-market fit, strategy, capital readiness, operations, and excellence.

In addition to the boot camp training, participants have the opportunity to win cash prizes provided by Bizzell, the sponsor of the challenge. The first, second, and third-place winners will receive cash injections into their businesses for expansion and growth. The pitching and award events will garner media coverage, offering valuable publicity for the participants.

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