Coping with Holiday Blues During COVID-19

In a Psychology Today article, “Coping With Holiday Blues During COVID-19,” Dr. Anton C. Bizzell focuses on how to cope with holiday blues during COVID-19, including tips for recognizing and managing your stressors.

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and friends, catch up, participate in family and religious traditions, and enjoy the company of loved ones. For some, the holidays are associated with triggers, stressors, and emotional landmines. For many of us, it is both. And all of us will have to alter our holiday routines due to the virus. However, we can navigate the holiday season by using simple but powerful tools. Doing so allows us to enjoy the benefits that the holiday season can bring and take steps to prevent or manage stress. We can create a new holiday normal, Dr. Bizzell concludes.

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