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Managed Services

Refining Our Clients Performance

Bizzell provides result-oriented administrative support services ranging from data entry and secretarial support to finding and selecting qualified candidates. Our skilled professionals have exceptional experience in government administrative processes, consulting, and training related to planning, budgeting, operations, oversight and execution, and mission and professional support. We believe in assembling and deploying a customized cadre of people, expertise, and technologies to help agencies refine their performance.

In addition Bizzell plans and coordinates large global meetings for the private sector, multilateral organizations, and bilateral agencies such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and U.S. Department of State/U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Global technical and contract officer trainings. Our expertise includes:

Conference Services

Bizzell’s team of seasoned Certified Meeting Planners (CMP) and Certified Government Meeting Professionals (CGMP) flawlessly execute domestic and international in-person and virtual events. We manage events ranging from large multi-day, multi-session conferences to regional summits, trainings, expert panels, and committee meetings. We collaborate with clients through the entire event management workflow from planning through evaluation. We blend nimble and customized project management with specialized event technologies and tools.

Innovation & Technology

Over the past decade, Bizzell has leveraged over 75 combined years of information technology (IT) experience to accelerate projects across our various areas of excellence. Our technology experts conduct thorough research and analyze client needs; then, we develop and implement creative solutions that increase cost savings and efficiency. Innovation is high on our agenda. We offer adaptive/scalable digital resources to help clients navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape, while supporting changing demands and missions. We have developed websites supporting millions of visitors, including 20k+ trainees and more than 30k+ registrations.


At Bizzell, we inform thinking, influence behavior, drive attitudes and perceptions, and build trust. Our dynamic approach to communication ensures messaging resonates with stakeholders while helping clients achieve their long-term visions and goals. We provide a wide range of strategic communication support for diverse clients across various industries and sectors. Our staff, having extensive experience working with federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, private sector, and fortune 100 companies, has the capacity to work on strategic communications projects of all scopes and sizes. We provide the full scope of communications services managing projects from their conception and ideation to their execution and delivery.

Virtual Events

Virtual events are held for the same reasons as in-person events; to deliver a message, exchange ideas, network, and engage with other participants. Bizzell’s team of Certified Meeting Planners (CMP) and Certified Government Meeting Professionals (CGMP) have flawlessly executed virtual events including webinars, virtual conferences, hybrid events, and teleconferences with 13,000 participants. We lead clients through planning dynamic virtual experiences that incorporate the newest trends in technology to engage audiences, meet client objectives, and expand the reach of the event. We blend high-level nimble, customized project management, with the full range of specialized technology and tools, to create modern and cost-effective solutions.

• Webinars
• Webcasts
• Virtual Meetings
• Virtual Conferences
• Virtual Poster Sessions
• Virtual Exhibits
• Hybrid Events
• Project Management
• Strategy & Event Design
• Audience Engagement Strategy
• Event Branding
• Event Management & Production
• Registration Management

• Speaker Management
• Website Design
• Event Apps
• Event Data Analytics
• Event Video & Audio Recording
• Closed Captioning & Transcriptions
• Section 508 Compliance
• Event Chat
• Event Polling & Surveys
• Event Evaluations
• Virtual Technical Support
• Post Event Reporting


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