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Workforce Innovation

Expanding And Elevating Residential Education And Career Development

Bizzell’s team offers a track record of providing exceptional services in matters of policy, pre-enrollment, and on-center student support to the Department of Labor Office of Job Corps (OJC) as well as effective support for Job Corps programs and other workforce development initiatives. We develop strategies, manage programs and complete tasks on workforce development projects every day.

We bring the right blend of expert technical personnel with relevant experience to provide consistent, innovative, and comprehensive solutions to Job Corps challenges. Along with proven systems, processes, and innovative tools, we have an exceptional team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled technical personnel and corporate managers whose careers have focused on improving the employability and well-being of our nation’s youth.

Elevating Workforce Education To Create Long-Term Career Readiness And Social Impact

Bizzell teams leverage their extensive expertise in career and community development to create sustainable change in the lives of community members, families, and historically disinvested neighborhoods across the nation. Through enhanced program management of leading efforts, like Job Corp, our teams take residential education and career readiness across the globe to new levels of effectiveness and change.

Future Leaders Of Tomorrow

Traditional & Virtual Experiences

Bizzell is dedicated to the healthy growth of our nation’s young people. By blending nimble and customized project management with deep expertise in the types of services required to successfully operate Job Corps Centers, Bizzell offers comprehensive traditional and virtual innovative solutions for the management and operation of Job Corps Centers. Given our new normal in this country, due to COVID-19, Bizzell’s experience with a diverse range of platforms for virtual education, training and events ensure that Job Corps students wil continue their skill building utilizing technology in a customized and scalable manner.

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• Technical Training

• Program Evaluation
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• Partnership Development
• Technology Solutions


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